Hello and welcome to my personal career and finance blog! I created this blog to help me manage my career and finances (one example – due to this, I was able to pay off $25,000 in student loans in 11 months), keep track of my progress, and to help guide readers on how to improve their finances along the way.

My name is Nene; I am a young adult who graduated from a public university in December of 2015. In college, I never knew what I wanted to do Career wise. I came to the U.S right after I finished high school at 15 in my native country of Nigeria.

Once I got here, every African student I met told me to study Nursing, because “you will always have a job” and “you will start making $50 per hour right out of college”- That is a myth by the way. The “always have a job” is partly true but you will NOT start making $50 per hour right out of college from ANY job- Lets Argue.

Anyway, I majored in Nursing and failed out in my third year. I was depressed that summer and by that fall semester I changed my major to Interdisciplinary Studies, and took classes like women’s health and marketing 101 to make up my hours so that I can graduate and just leave with the $25,000 in student loans that I already racked up.

My career & finances was the big reason why I started this blog.

Today, my $25,000 student loans debt are completely paid off, as I continue to discover practical ways  to live debt free, spend less, and earn more.

I currently work in the consumer product industry as an account manager; but my goal is to become a full-time blogger and travel full time!

Feel free to join me in this journey to greatness, and gather useful tips on your way to living debt free.