how to live your best life

How To Live Your Best Life

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My only wish in this world is to be genuinely happy. Money is cool and all, but from the suicides we have seen from the rich and the famous, we can all agree by now that having money doesn’t equate to happiness.

I learned a long time ago that finding peace and happiness starts from one’s mindset, and ultimately the perception of one’s self. This perception can be altered in many ways, but ultimately, you ALLOW what alters you.

You owe nothing to no one, and you owe it to yourself to start living the best life possible for you!

I can honestly say that I’m living my best life right now, and guess what? I don’t have my dream job yet, I make less than 40k a year; but what I do have is peace, joy, happiness, and a resourceful skill. I can truthfully say that I have my shit together, pay all my bills on time, have MAJOR fun on the weekends, and still add $1,000 every month to my savings account; all because of my mindset and determination.

So below are my 6 real techniques to start adulting the right way and living your best life right away!

1. Have a relationship with God 

I am a Christian, and most times, I do not make it to church every Wednesdays or even Sundays, but I truly believe in God. (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit).

I have a personal relationship with God that goes beyond “physically being in church”. Every morning I know it is by God’s grace that I am alive, and it is by his Will that I drive safely to my day job. I truly believe every good thing comes from him, and that ultimately, God’s time is the best.

My relationship with God truly gives me inner peace and happiness, as a result, I am living my best life!

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2. Read these 2 Books 

If you only read two books in your lifetime, it should be You Are A Badass and You are A Badass at Making Money  

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero was the first personal development book I’ve ever read and it is amazing!

If you are not yet a believer in self-care and personal development, then this is the first book you need to read. You will eventually fall in love with self-care, which leads to living a happier life

3. Live Well Spend Less 

Money is a crucial part of life. You don’t have to make millions to live your best life. There are people who are making less than 30k a year, and they are the happiest, but there’s a method to that madness. The secret is number 3

4. Know Your Limit  

Cut your coat according to your size- Having this mindset will have you start living your best life immediately, and make adulting easier because it cuts out impressing people that you don’t even care about.

For example, I was looking to buy a new car earlier this year, I had saved a little money, and had just gotten a promotion at my current job. A friend told me to buy the nicest car so I can have the upper hand in my social circle and have everyone envying me.

He said “buy a nice 2018 Mercedes”, But the thing most people don’t know is, it’s not the car note that kills you, it’s the maintenance! Thank God I don’t care about being envied! Instead, I bought a nice Hyundai that I could truly afford not just the car note, but the necessary maintenance needed to make the car last a long time for me.

That is me knowing my limit, and cutting my coat according to my size. Do what you can afford! if you can’t buy it twice, think twice before buying!

5. Budget Budget Budget

This has helped me  ALOT. I barely make much but every month, I put $1,000 of my earnings into my savings, and I’m able to do this because I budget most of my expenses! I actually still spend on the things I like so this doesn’t limit my living my best life.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself 

If you are like me, then you want to accomplish a lotyou are career-focused, and want to learn everything that you can to put yourself in the best position possible for a promotion or a come-up. That is who I am.

One of the downside to this type of mindset is being too hard on yourself. How do you overcome this you ask? By accepting failure as a lesson! Nothing will humble you more than not getting that job or promotion that you felt like you 100% deserved, because it went to someone else you KNOW IN YOUR SOUL you can do the job better than.

I’ve been there. Don’t beat yourself, you are not the problem. Dust your sleeves and get back up! if you can’t get a well-deserved promotion at that company, then look outside the company. Never limit yourself or put all your eggs in one basket, and instead of beating yourself down, take that failure as a challenge, and live your best life with it!

7. Mind your Business

This is simple and straightforward. It costs $0.00 to stay in your lane and my your business. If it doesn’t add value to your life, don’t partake in it. Leave the drama for the birds. Focus on making this paper and shinning baby girl.

Remember, if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

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