how to save money every month

How To Save Money Every Month

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There are countless ways to learn how to save money, but this one tip is a simple genius money-saving hack. It is how I save $1,000 of my earnings each month. It works very well because of the minimal effort from your part.

How cool is it to save money without thinking about it eh? So cool!

I wasn’t always able to save $1,000 of my earnings every month, in fact, I was a very broke college student and even after I graduated, it took me a while to be able to manage my money wisely. 

I truly had to understand the value of saving and investing, and it has completely changed my life. I became more disciplined with my finances and I was able to pay off my $25,000 in student loans a whole lot quicker than I thought possible.

Saving money is not easy. I can truly attest to that. It is one of those things where you have to be purposeful with it if not, it won’t happen. Then every month you wonder “where did all my paycheck go”?

The hardest part about saving money is actually saving money, because we use cards and various electronic forms to pay for things now and we basically practice “swipe and go”- where we don’t actually keep track of how much we are spending and what we are spending on.

I wasn’t always good at saving money. I remember in college, I was working 2 retail jobs and whenever I got paid, by the next weekend, it was all gone. The worst part was I couldn’t from the top of my head tell you how I spent all the money.

I just knew a significant portion went to gas and food……and clothes.

Back then, saving was totally an afterthought, and sometimes I never even thought about it. I was so disconnected from my money, but always wished I had extra cash lying around whenever I needed it.

Today, saving money doesn’t have to be hard or even intentional (there are apps that do it for you now) but regardless of how you choose to start saving, it is a good idea to make saving money a priority!


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Here’s how much you need to save:


To be financially stable, the goal is to have a minimum of two weeks’ pay or $1,000; whichever one is greater. Having an emergency fund is important because it will keep you afloat without going into debt if you lose your primary source of income. An emergency fund is basically your lifeline if you unexpectedly lose your job or get laid off.

Here’s what you need to start saving right away


To actually start saving money, you have to create your savings account. When you open your savings account, connect it to your checking account, within the same bank. If you do that, you have won half battle already.

Download the banking app on your phone or tablet, to allow you to set up transfers easily.

Deposit money in your bank account either through direct deposits or checks

And that’s it!

So here is how I save $1,000 of my earnings each month: 

Start by saving the smallest $$ you possibly can daily


In the beginning, when I decided to start being purposeful with my savings, this was how I started. I started really small. Don’t just take out $250 out of your paycheck, it is unrealistic.

Start by meeting your daily saving goals.

For example, if you would like to save $300 that month, save $10 each day; or $5 each day, to save $150 by the end of the month.

You can save less than your lunch money daily to have big savings by the end of the month.


The easiest way to accomplish this is to have an automatic daily transfer from your checking to your savings account. You can easily do this on your banking app for yourself. But if you’d feel more comfortable, go to a physical branch location or call to set up the regular transfer. It is easy and free.  By setting up this automatic transfer, you’re making saving money a priority instead of an afterthought.

If your savings account is not with the same bank as your checking, then look into using saving apps that help you save money without thinking about it.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving already!

The hardest part about doing something is to start. Know that you are doing it for you, and watch yourself build your way to financial stability.

Have you started saving? Tell me what worked for you!

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